The Only Way to Deliver an Authentic Message in Your Business

The Only Way to Deliver an Authentic Message in Your Business

Many people I work with don’t know how to articulate, what they do and how they help people. 

When I ask them the dreaded question, what do you do?

I get answers like I’m an entrepreneur –  I’m an online course creator – I’m in real estate agent – I’m the digital marketing space and so on.

And while that answer is great and true – it didn’t really give me a picture of who they were, what they stood for and who they helped.

And I’ve heard so many people express, that they want to build an authentic brand. So what does authentic actually mean?

It means, that you do what you say and say what you do. Every time. No questions asked. No BS, no alternative motives. You’re coming from a place of total integrity.

So that got me thinking and I want to help you start thinking about yourself in a new way, and start digging deeper into what you stand for and how you’re going to use your amazing abilities to reach people, that need what you do.

Ok, let’s break it down.

Firstly, everyone should have a unique proposition. If you’ve had any sales training, you would have heard of this. But let’s take that concept and give it some layers.

What we want to do is brings who you are, into what you do.

What you’ll need to do, is figure out WHO you are.

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This doesn’t need to a lengthy process – you just need to take some time to connect with yourself, ask yourself the following questions:

Recognize that you have a story, you have a past and you have had experiences – some great and some not so great.

The not so great ones, don’t have to be obstacles in your life or something that you get hung up on. The best thing to do is look at the learnings.

Now of course, everything is context dependent – I’m not referring to major traumas or significant emotional events – those experiences can take a lot of time and work to overcome.

If you’re holding on to negative parts of your life – you’re most likely holding on to a negative story – a story from the past. The past has passed! The only thing you have right now is NOW. And in NOW you can create a positive path going forward.

I want you to pull out the lessons from those experiences, for example, perseverance, overcoming obstacles, standing up for what you believe in, speaking up, making a move in the right direction and forgiving.

These are HUGE. These are qualities that you have because of who you have become from what you’ve experienced. And these are the things that will help you craft your message with grace.

Here’s a simple formula that I think you’ll find useful. When you’re getting ready to express what you do.

1. Start with – “I help people” Then insert, for example, something like:

create – achieve – learn

“So they can”  – and then insert the end result.

Then continue with….

2. By providing (what you do) so that (and then express the positive impact)

Let’s go over that one more time.

If you start with WHO you’re helping first and what the end result is – it’s a game changer in any conversation.

Give it try. Write it out a few times, until you’re comfortable with the wording, and try it out the next time someone asks you WHAT you do. Keep practising – it gets easier every-time.

As a business owner, how are you going to get your message out so you can attract your ideal clients?

I’m going to name some obvious ways. Maybe you’re already doing some of them, maybe you need to improve, either way, this is a reminder to have a strategy and a consistent plan.

Content – what is it and how can you create it.

Content is everything you put out there. It’s social media posts, it’s blogs and articles, it’s worksheets or e-books, videos, quotes, audio files, anything that you produce with your message.

Creating content can be overwhelming and time-consuming – but the key is to do what works best for you. Here are some suggestions:

    • You can write blog posts, they don’t have to be novels – 500 words is a good start, post on your website, submit to magazines, and blogs with large followings.
    • Take parts of your blogs and articles and repurpose them. You can shorten them, post them on social media, put parts of them into your emails, and newsletters. The possibilities are endless!
    • Gather some quotes you love and create your own quotes, put your message out there again, post this on your website and social media feeds.
    • Record short videos or audio files on your phone. Provide value, teach something, share a cool story.

Here is the takeaway – It doesn’t have to be perfect! If you wait for the perfect time, or perfect look or perfect thing to say it’s a losing game!

It’s better to get something out rather than nothing at all. And again, everything can be tweaked along the way!

Remember if you wait until you’re ready – you’ll be waiting a long time and because READY doesn’t exist!  You have to jump in and get yourself ready when the opportunity is there.

Have fun and create!

Consistency is the key! Pick a day each week or schedule a few hours the same time each month dedicated to creating your content and getting your message out there.

I know you have what it takes! My mission is to help you get it out!

As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. How do you get your message out in a noisy world?

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